Tuesday, January 29, 2013


No matter what team you root for, 'air' on the side of safety!

Consider the following guidelines and inform ALL your guests::

- Don’t let Fido near the beer or any kind of alcohol! While you may always be careful about that practice, your guests may not so keep an eye on their drinks, too. If your dog is trained to retrieve beer from the fridge..try and keep them from bringing back glass bottles...cans are safer..

- Consider crating or containing your Fido in adjoining room. While you are screaming at the screen, arguing over the coaches decision you are not paying attention to Fido. To some more reserved and fearful dogs this could be a loud hell and to the investigative type puppy that is a great time to start its own "trouble" challenge across your house.
So if your K9 is fearful or shy, let him have some quiet time in his crate, away from the action, in a far bedroom, or safely in a fenced yard. You can go out and tell him the score at halftime. Another option is to turn on Puppy Bowl IX starting at 3PM EST on Animal Planet and let him/her watch that.

- In confined area/crate, only provide safe crate toys. No tennis balls

- If free-roaming is allowed, watch the trash. Super Bowl parties mean food and a lot of it…and that means trash. Be sure to keep your trash secured so your dog cannot eat the disposable plates.

- Beware of bones. Many Super Bowl parties mean buffalo wings with bones. Cooked chicken bones and dogs are a definite no-no so keep an eye on those plates of wings.

- Children and adults in your household (guests) should be reminded of how dangerous candy and chocolate can be to pets. Bromamine, found in chocolate is extremely toxic to dogs. Leaving unsupervised pets with chew toys such as raw hides, bones, pig ears and Greenies is not recommended as pets may choke on them and the lack of supervision may be deadly to the pet. Candies containing the artificial sweetener Xylitol can be poisonous to dogs. Even small amounts of Xylitol sweetener can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar, leading to lack of coordination, seizures, low blood sugar and liver failure within hours. Xylitol is found in candy and gum. Other hazardous foods and items include tin foil, cellophane candy wrappers, meat strings, toothpicks, cookie dough, cooked bones and alcohol.

- Tag Your Dog. Whether the pet goes out or stays confined at home there will be many chances for it to run off or try too. All pets should wear up-to-date pet tags and be micro chipped before guests start showing up. If for any reason the pet escapes and gets lost, a collar and tags and/or a microchip can increase the chances the pet will be swiftly reunited with its family.

- We highly recommends pet parents keep important life saving phone numbers both in their cell phone registry and displayed on paper copy in a prominent well traveled area of the residence. Important numbers include their emergency veterinarian's phone number, the ASPCA Poison Control Center Number (888) 426-4435 and the Regular Poison Control Number (800) 222-1222.

- Designate a Dog Watcher. Designate one member of your family to keep an eye on your dog throughout the party fun.

Wag’N reminds pet parents that human logic is not common pet sense!
Awareness and caution will keep tails wagging this holiday season.

So who will win SuperBowl XLVII? (Puppy Bowl Estimates allowed)

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