Monday, September 12, 2011

Departments That Received Pet Oxygen Masks in September 2011

We are hereby listing orders placed during the month. Wag’N has no control over when the kits are distributed by sponsors and/or implemented by departments.

Sponsor: Friends of Kent Island Dog Park
Location: Chester, MD
Department Name: Kent Island Volunteer Fire Department
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 1 

Sponsor: Amy Duffy in memory of my beloved dog, Ginger Duffy.
Gone from this earth; but, never from my heart.
Location: Cary, NC
Department Name: Town of Cary Fire Department
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 10 

Sponsor:Francis and Helen Hoefer
Location & Department Names:
Oswego, NY - City of Oswego Fire Dept - East Side Fire Station 
Oswego, NY -  City of Oswego Fire Dept - West Side Fire Station  
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: Each station received 1 kit 

Sponsor: The Barker Barber
Location & Department Names:
DeWitt, NY - DeWitt Fire Dept (1 kit)
Fayetteville, NY - Fayetteville Fire Dept (1 kit)
 East Syracuse, NY - East Syracuse Fire Dept (1 kit)
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 3 kits in Total 

Sponsor: North Ridge Veterinary Hospital
Location & Department Name:
Wickliffe, OH - Wickliffe Fire Department
Eastlake, OH - Eastlake Fire Department
Kirtland, OH - City of Kirtland Fire Department
Concord, OH - Concord Township Fire Department
Grand River, OH - Grand River Vol Fire Department
Mentor-On-The-Lake, OH - City of Mentor-On-The-Lake Fire Department
Painesville, OH - Painesville City Fire Department
Painesville, OH - Painesville Township Fire Department
Munson, OH - Munson Fire Department
Mentor, OH -Mentor Fire Department
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 67 total

Sponsor: Department Purchase
Location: Hapeville, GA
Department Name: Hapeville Fire Department
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 2 

Sponsor: Newark Optometry, LLC
Location: Newark, OH
Department Name: Newark Fire Dept
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 3 

Sponsor: Wendie Starr
Location: TBD
Department Name: TBD
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 1 

Sponsor: Animal Hospital of Soquel
Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Department Name: Santa Cruz Fire Dept
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 1 

Sponsor: Paper Cities Kennel Club
Location: Rothschild, WI
Department Name: Rothschild Vol Fire & EMS
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 1 

Sponsor: Paper Cities Kennel Club
Location: Birnamwood, WI
Department Name: Birnamwood Area Fire & Ambulance Service
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 1 

Sponsor: Wilson, Richard-Lee
Location: Napa Valley, CA
Department Name: Napa County Fire Department Station 14 Capell Valley
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 2

Sponsor: Anonymous Pet Lover
Location: Ballston Lake, NY
Department Name: Ballston Lake Fire Dept
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 1 

Sponsor: Department Purchase
Location: Portland, ME
Department Name: Portland Fire Department
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 15

Sponsor: Classy K9 4H Club 
Locations & Department Names
Gearhart, OR - Gearhart Fire Dept gets 1 kit
Astoria, OR - Lewis & Clark Vol Fire Dept gets 2 kits
Astoria, OR - Knappa Svenson Burnside Fire District gets 3 kits
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 6 in total

Sponsor: Clients, Employees & Friends of Bulger Veterinary Hospital (North Andover, MA)
Locations, Department Names & # of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits:
Danville, NH - Danville Fire Department (1 kit)
Durham , NH - Durham Fire Department (3 kits)
Epping, NH - Epping Fire Department (2 kits)
Exeter, NH - Exeter Fire Department (1 kit)
Hampton, NH - Hampton Fire Department (2 kits)
Litchfield, NH - Litchfield Fire Department (1 kit)
Londonderry, NH - Londonderry Fire Department (3 kits)
Manchester, NH - Manchester Fire Department (10 kits)
Merrimack, NH - Merrimack Fire Department (2 kits)
Nashua - Nashua Fire Rescue (4 kits)
Newton, NH - Newton Fire Department (2 kits)
North Hampton, NH - North Hampton Fire Department (1 kit)
Pelham, NH - Pelham Fire Department (1 kit)
Portsmouth, NH - Portsmouth Fire Department (3 kits)
Salem, NH - Salem Fire Department (4 kits)
Seabrook, NH - Seabrook Fire Department (1 kit)
Windham, NH - Windham Fire Department (1 kit)
Belmont, MA - Belmont Fire Department (2 kits)
Beverly, MA - Beverly Fire Department (2 kits)
Boxborough, MA - Boxborough Fire Department  (1 kit)
Boxford, MA - Boxford Fire Department (1 kit)
Burlington, MA - Burlington Fire Department (2 kits)
Cambridge, MA - Cambridge Fire Department/EMA  (8 kits)
Chelmsford, MA - Chelmsford Fire Department (5 kits)
Danvers, MA - Danvers Fire Department (2 kits)
Everett, MA - Everett Fire & Rescue Department (3 kits)
Haverhill, MA - Haverhill Fire Department (4 kits)
Lawrence, MA - Lawrence Fire Department (2 kits)
Lynn, MA - Lynn Fire Department (6 kits)
Malden, MA - Malden Fire Department (3 kits)
Medford, MA - Medford Fire Department (6 kits)
Merrimac, MA - Merrimac Fire Department (1 kit)
Methuen, MA - Methuen Fire Department (6 kits)
Needham, MA - Needham Fire Department (1 kit)
Newburyport, MA - Newburyport Fire Department (2 kits)
Newton, MA - Newton Fire Department  (10 kits)
North Reading, MA - North Reading Fire Department (3 kits)
Peabody, MA - Peabody Fire Department (1 kit)
Rowley, MA - Rowley Fire Department (1 kit)
Salisbury, MA - Town of Salisbury Fire Department (1 kit)
Saugus, MA - Saugus Fire Department (3 kits)
Shrewsbury, MA - Shrewsbury Fire Department (3 kits)
Somerville, MA - Somerville Fire Department (5 kits)
Tewksbury, MA - Tewksbury Fire Department (3 kits)
Tyngsboro, MA - Tyngsboro Fire Department (2 kits)
West Newbury, MA - West Newbury Fire Department (2 kits)
Wilmington, MA - Wilmington Fire Department (3 kits)
Winchester, MA - Winchester Fire Department (1 kit)
Woburn, MA - Woburn Fire Department (5 kits)
Worcester, MA - Worcester Fire Department (12 kits)
112 Kits going to 33 departments/towns in Massachusetts
42 kits going to 17 departments in New Hampshire

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