Friday, May 20, 2011

GUEST POST: Pet Oxygen Masks Donated to 30 Delaware County Fire Depts. by the Andes Central School CROP Program

Wag'N Introduction
The Andes Central School in Andes, NY has been working on the Pet Oxygen Mask Campaign since late 2010. Wag'N was thrilled to hear about the dedication of the students and their outstanding fund raising efforts and results, all achieved in a two months period, to provide 30 pet oxygen mask kits to the following departments:

Margaretville, NY - Arena Volunteer Fire Department
Arkville, NY - Arkville Volunteer Fire Department
Bloomville, NY - Bloomville Volunteer Fire Department
Roscoe, NY - Cooks Falls Volunteer Fire Department
Davenport, NY - Davenport Volunteer Fire Department
Deposit, NY - Delhi Volunteer Fire Department
Deposit, NY - Deposit Volunteer Fire Department
Downsville, NY - Downsville Volunteer Fire Department
East Branch, NY - East Branch Volunteer Fire Department
East Meredith, NY - East Meredith Volunteer Fire Department
Fleischmanns, NY - Fleischmanns Volunteer Fire Department
Franklin, NY - Franklin Volunteer Fire Department
Grand Gorge, NY - Grand Gorge Volunteer Fire Department
Halcottsville, NY - Halcottsville Volunteer Fire Department
Hancock, NY - Hancock Volunteer Fire Department
Hobart, NY - Hobart Volunteer Fire Department
Margaretville, NY - Margaretville Volunteer Fire Department
Masonville, NY - Masonville Volunteer Fire Department
Meridale, NY - Meridale Volunteer Fire Department
West Davenport, NY - Pindars Corners Volunteer Fire Department
Roxbury, NY - Roxbury Volunteer Fire Department
Sidney, NY - Sidney Volunteer Fire Department
Sidney Center, NY - Sidney Center Volunteer Fire Department
South Kortright, NY - South Kortright Volunteer Fire Department
Stamford, NY - Stamford Volunteer Fire Department
Treadwell, NY - Treadwell Volunteer Fire Department
Trout Creek, NY - Trout Creek Volunteer Fire Department
Walton, NY - Walton Volunteer Fire Department
 Delaware County Emergency Response Trailer (2 kits)

Guest Post
On Wednesday, May 18, 2011 the students from the Andes Central School CROP* Program entertained some VIP fire chiefs from the 30 Delaware County Fire Departments and the Delaware County EMS Coordinator Richard Bell.  The celebration with students, parents, friends and fire chiefs was a culminating event for a service-learning project that the CROP students have been working on since November.

Over $2000.00 was raised to purchase special Pet Oxygen Masks to be used on animals that are exposed to smoke during house fires.  The campaign was launched with a $500 “Learn and Serve America grant from the DCMO BOCES.  Matching grants from the O’Connor Foundation and the German American Club of the Northern Catskills were acquired.  The 40 CROP students raised the additional money by selling dog treats, cards and containers of snack mix during the holidays and collecting donations.

What began, as a modest project to equip the fire departments from Andes, Bovina, Delhi and Margaretville with a kit from Wag ‘N Enterprises quickly became something much larger in scale.  With the $2000+ dollars, the Andes CROP Program was able to purchase kits for every fire department in Delaware County plus 2 additional kits for the Delaware County Emergency Response Trailer.

Photo #1 shows the CROP Program students who came to present the kits with Activity Leaders Indea Knapp(left), Janice Armstrong (right) and Site Coordinator Jennifer Finkle (far right) with her dog Red.
Photo #2 shows the CROP students and the fire chiefs who came to the presentation.
Photo #3 shows Dwayne and Jennifer Finkle with their Golden Retriever, Red, who poses with the mask of the largest size.  There are 3 sizes of masks in each kit.
* Creating Rural Opportunities Partnership (CROP)

"The dedication of these students to help make a difference in their community is truly inspiring. We want to take this opportunity to thank the Andes Central School for selecting this subject matter, the students for their outstanding efforts and the fire departments for their service to their communities - now human and pets. Furry pals in Delaware County NY now stand a better chance. Heartfelt thank you to all of you for making this happen." Ines de Pablo. President & CEO of Wag'N Enterprises.

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