Saturday, January 1, 2011

O2 Fur Life - Pet Oxygen Mask Initiative Looking Back At 2010

By Ines de Pablo - Wag'N Enterprises, LLC


159 kits were provided to 62 departments in 2009
1204 kits were provided to 544 departments in 2010!!!!

During 2009 we focused on awareness about the O2 Fur Life Program, securing more fund raising opportunities for departments and community groups that want to help by sponsoring local departments and most importantly, providing a support structure for the departments once they've acquired the kits. These successes were instrumental in achieving the goal we had set forth for 2010, namely getting more kits to more departments to help more pets across the continent. Lets look back at 2010:

- Wag'N Enterprises became an official North American Distributor for McCulloch Medical products. 
- In October and November, Petplan pet insurance pledged to give a Wag’N pet oxygen mask kit to a fire or rescue department in need for every 100 pet rescue alerts downloaded from Nearly 4,000 pet rescue alerts were created during this campaign, resulting in 40 donated pet oxygen mask kits. For full list see the December Blog Post here.
- Customers asked for media coverage for their donation/acquisition of the pet oxygen mask kits. Wag'N added free PR options to both the Sponsor and First Responder Online Order Pages. A product option was added asking customers if they are interested in speaking to the media regarding their sponsorship/acquisition. When customers answer YES to the request, a Media Release form is emailed to them. Upon completion and return of the said form, the Wag'N PR Team is now able to contact their local media to pitch the story to get coverage for their generous contribution/acquisition.
- Some customers still prefer to contact the media themselves. Upon request, Wag'N created a press release template. Click here to view.
- Customers asked for sample fund raising template forms. Wag'N issued and posted the following forms on the main O2 Fur Life Program Page ( See Main Fundraiser Form, Holiday Fundraiser Form and the National Fire Safety Month Fundraiser Form.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimated that there are around 30,165 fire departments in the U.S. (see fact sheet here). Given the data collected by Wag'N regarding donations made by both partner and non-partner pet oxygen mask providers, we estimate that since 2007 less than 1500 departments (not the same as stations) now carry pet oxygen mask kits in the USA. For Canada, our best estimates show that less than 150 of the 756 official fire departments carry roughly 309 of these full kits. 
The US Census does not account for pets however the American Pet Product Association does. This non-for-profit group conducts its annual survey on pet ownership and industry trends.  According to their 2009/2010 National Pet Owners Survey, 62% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 71.4 millions the USA alone! That's nearly  171.1 million (171,100,000) cats & dogs considered as pets. If we add reptile, horse/equine, small animal, and bird ownership to the most common cats and dogs, that's 228.9 million (228,900,000) animals that could be rescued with the use of pet oxygen masks following a residential/office/barn fire.
So we still have some work on our hands!
Every success story inspires us to continue in the quest to provide every single fire station, ems & K9 unit in the United States and Canada with this animal saving apparatus.
Select an option below to start 2011 in full Wag
by Sponsoring your First Responders
by Purchasing Pet Oxygen Mask Kits for your department (first responders only)
by Applying to the Wag'N O2 Fur Life Fellowship Program. Click here to learn more
by Making a Monetary Donation to The O2 Fur Life Fund
by Acquiring O2 Fur Life Fund Raiser Gear
by Getting Pet Oxygen Masks for a pet on Oxygen Therapy

Thanks to you requests and suggestions we have been able to highly improve our product offerings and services!  SO THANK YOU FOR A FANTASTIC 2010! IT'S BEEN A WAG!

Hopping into 2011 with greater goals and successes! 

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