Thursday, December 31, 2009

O2 Fur Life - Pet Oxygen Mask Initiative Looking Back At 2009

2009 was about raising awareness, getting more fundraising opportunities and most importantly providing a support structure for the departments once they’ve acquired the kits.

- Wag'N increased its social media presence by joining twitter. Follow wagn4u for Wag'N & O2 Fur Life Updates and by creating a fan page for the Pet Oxygen Mask Initiative on facebook. WagN automatically adds 10 cents per followers in the O2 Fur Life Fellowship Fund. Become of fan here
- The Pet Oxygen Mask Blog went live providing a one stop shop to answer all pet oxygen mask questions, update, give tips, post success stories and get feedback from our followers, see
- The O2 Fur Life Pet Oxygen Mask 10 minute Instructional Video was made available on the main Pet Oxygen Mask page of our website and on youtube
- A PowerPoint Presentation is now available for free upon request to help departments teach safe pet handling and proper pet oxygen mask use to their staff after they acquire the kits
- The new "Pet Oxygen Masks On Board” decals were designed and added with every order to let the community know how their first responders are going the extra step to help save furry members of their community
- A Wag’N leash was added to the Wag'N O2 Fur Life Kit. Most departments do not carry pet gear on their emergency vehicles. Additionally most residential fires impact unleashed pets. The solution was simple: adding a leash allows first responders to restrain the pet and can also be used an emergency temporary muzzle for dogs.
- The cost of the Kit was reduced in the fourth quarter by both manufacturers: Smiths Medial and McCulloch Medical given the impressive number of kits O2 Fur Life was able to distribute throughout the year. Each kit is now priced at cost of $65.
- O2 Fur Life Fellowship Program Fund Raising accessories such as the "Pet Oxygen Masks Save Pet Lives" Wristband, Semper Wag Collection Bumper Stickers as well as Semper Wag'N Baseball Caps & "Pets Need Oxygen Too" apparel were added to the Wag'N Inventory to help us raise monies towards the O2 Fur Life Fund
- Incident awareness tips were added to the O2 Fur Life Agenda. Increasing awareness about the availability of Pet Oxygen Mask kits remains a priority however providing pet parents with information regarding on how they can prevent residential fires throughout the year can help avert dramatic rescues. You may find tips year-round at

The Wag'N O2 Fur Life Program is Wagging to announce its 2009 Pet Oxygen Mask delivery results:
- 39 Pet Oxygen Mask Kits were donated through the Wag'N O2 Fellowship Program
- First Responders purchased 12 kits for their department and
- 49 generous individuals/organizations provided sponsorship of 108 Pet Oxygen Mask Kits throughout North America.

Every success story posted here and on the Pet Oxygen Mask Blog inspires us to continue in the quest to provide every single fire station, ems & K9 unit in the United States and Canada with this animal saving apparatus.


We want to thank you for your continued support. Emergency response can make a difference in animal lives with your help! Remember that you can post your questions, comments, suggestions and concerns on this blog and/or by contacting

Select an option below to start 2010 in full Wag
by Sponsoring your First Responders
by Purchasing Pet Oxygen Mask Kits for your department (first responders only)
by Applying to the Wag'N O2 Fur Life Fellowship Program. Click here to learn more
by Making a Monetary Donation to The O2 Fur Life Fund
by Acquiring O2 Fur Life Fund Raiser Gear
by Getting Pet Oxygen Masks for a pet on Oxygen Therapy




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