Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Departments That Acquired Pet Oxygen Masks in December 2009

We are hereby listing orders placed during the month. Wag’N has no control over when the kits are distributed by sponsors and/or implemented by departments.

Sponsor: Department Purchase 
Location: Boulevard, CA
Department Name: Border Patrol EMTs
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 1

Sponsor: Freedom Transports
Location: Harrisonburg, VA
Department Name: Other
Freedom Transports a nonprofit organization which transports animals
when they need a medical transport to a vet or veterinarian hospital.
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 1

Sponsor: Oxygen Masks for Pets
Location: Charleston, SC
Department Name: Not Yet Determined
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 2

Sponsor: In Honor of Edythe King
Location: Glen Rock, NJ
Department Name: Glen Rock Fire Department
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 1

Sponsor: Hampstead Animal Hospital
Location: Hampstead, NH
Department Name:
Hampstead Animal Control
Hampstead Fire Department 
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 1 for each department

Sponsor: Department Purchase
Location: Port Byron, NY 
Department Name: Port Byron Volunteer Fire Department 
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 1

Sponsor: Michele Hennum
Location: Smyrna, GA
Department Name: Smyrna Fire Rescue Station #3
# of Pet Oxygen Mask Kits: 1

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