Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ines de Pablo - Pet Emergency Management & Safety Expert

You will be hard-pressed to find a more energetic and knowledgeable safety and preparedness expert and advocate than our Founder and Chief Wag'N Officer (CWO), Ines de Pablo. Our CWO holds a Masters Degree in Risk, Crisis & Emergency Management from the prestigious George Washington University in Washington D.C. and has since then acquired extensive field training experiences and achievements.

Her extensive background in the field of emergency management, law enforcement training, EMS, risk mitigation, continuity of operations for businesses and pet safety give her the leading edge in the pet safety industry.

Prior to starting the Wag'N Enterprises, LLC. Pet Safety Gear & Services brand, Ines had acquired a substantial background in the safety & security industry. Her safety oriented career started in 1999 while working at a Washington DC-based emergency management company. It was there where Ines learned tactical skills, and provided marksmanship and defensive driving training to law enforcement and government agencies. Those skills led to the creation of The Emergency Management Network.

With refined skills in her grasp, Ines was deeply moved by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the lack of preparedness which resulted in the unnecessary death and abandonment of roughly 600,000 pets. It was this shocking and unfortunate event that propelled Ines to apply her expertise to educate pet parents, respond to the need for pet preparedness protocols and the need for effective tools to assist in pet emergency mitigation. It marked the beginning of WagʼN Enterprises, LLC the first and only dedicated Pet Emergency Management Company in the World.

"Our goal is to empower pet owners to learn the skills necessary to save lives should a crisis occur, and to provide life saving equipment and training to first responders in every community across the United States and Canada. Each and every one of us can make a difference in an animal’s life during an emergency situation. Mitigation, Preparedness & Response measures can be applied & taught to ensure all encompassing pet safety.” — Ines de Pablo

Ines has participated in many national interviews and educational forums and is actively involved in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area for education and safety event. Ines is a former licensed Emergency Medical Technician for Basic Life Support (EMT - BLS) In Washington DC. In addition she is a licensed PetTech® (link) Instructor and serves her community by leading monthly workshops on pet life saving procedures.

Here is a list of courses in which Ines holds pertinent certifications:

- Humane Society's "Dog Bite Prevention for Law Enforcement & Other First Responders"
- Humane Society's "Interpreting Animal Behavior for Safe Handling"
- Red Cross Pet First Aid for Dogs and Cats course,
- Pet Tech Inc. Instructor (pet first aid),
- Fairfax County (VA) Community Emergency Response Team Level II
- FEMA - IS - 1 - Emergency Program Manager: An orientation to the Position
- FEMA - IS-5a - An Introduction to Hazardous Materials
- FEMA - IS-10 - Animals in Disaster: Awareness and Preparedness
- FEMA - IS-11 - Animals in Disaster: Community Planning
- FEMA - IS-200a - ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
- FEMA - IS-230 - Principles of Emergency Management
- FEMA - IS-317 - Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program
- FEMA - IS-700a - National Incident Management System (NIMS)

Ines Provides The Following Workshops:
* Introduction to Pet Emergency Management™  
(Online & On-Site Seminar Now Available)
* PAWSITIVELY WAG'N IT: K9 Safety 4 Kids™  

(Available On-Site Only)
* Continuity of Operations - Considerations for the Pet Industry and Animal Shelters  

(Online & On-Site Seminar coming soon)
* O2 Fur Life - Pet First Aid & Pet Oxygen Mask Basics for First Responders  
 (Available On-Site Only)
 Click Here to Learn More

 Ines is Certified by PetTech Inc to Teach & Certify The Following Curriculum: (Available On-Site Only)
* PetSaver (aka extensive Pet First Aid)
* Pet First Aid & Care
* Caring for Your Senior Pet-izen™
* Dental Care for Your Pets™

 Click Here To Learn More

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