Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pet Oxygen Masks In the News - Wag'N To Help Make a Difference!

What was life like before Twitter?

Wow Can't recall!
Almost a year ago we started Wag'N Tweets (follow @wagn4u). There we met @JillatLiveSafe (aka Jill Marcinick). We have since then exchanged many tweets and phone calls. Fire safety and prevention is Wag'N it!
Jill called us on October 23rd to order 2 pet oxygen mask kits that her sons, Kyle & Trevor wanted to donate to the Washington Township Fire Department.
 It seems that about a week prior there had been a fire in a neighboring community, and pets had proved heroic and had firefighters were able to make a difference on the scene using pet oxygen masks. Kyle & Trevor wanted to make sure that their fire department could do the same. Jill is a fantastic pet parent, community safety advocate and a fire safety expert.

We look forward to her future fire safety posts! Stay tuned for more!
Wag'N is proud to provide this pet life saving equipment to fire departments across the US & Canada!
Make sure to get your fire department the equipment they need to help make a difference when fire strikes your community, putting your pets at risk. To sponsor your department click here

NBC4 did report on this donation. Please take a moment to meet Jill.
To follow Jill on Twitter click here

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