Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Pet Saving Tool

Article posted on CBS42 wags on about the Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Service acquiring 30 pet oxygen mask kits! Video Post coming soon!

In an emergency situation like a house fire, naturally you'll want to save yourself and your family first.  But what about your four legged friends?
"We have gone on runs with pets inside the homes, we've gotten the pets out and a lot of the situations, those pets don't survive mainly because we didn't have the equipment or the resources to work on pets," says Lt. Travis Parker with the Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Service.
That's until now! Thanks to an anonymous donation of over $2,500 from a local animal lover, the Tuscaloosa fire and rescue service has oxygen masks designed specifically for pets that have been exposed to smoke.

"There's tubing that goes to the mask, the mask goes over the pet’s mouth and nose and then we deliver oxygen straight through the mask to them," adds Lt. Parker.
The pet oxygen mask kits will be placed on all of Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue service's front line response vehicles.
"Pets are so much a part of everyone's lives that have them that they're a member of the family, so being able to help them and save them will definitely boost our job in the community for the people out there we're helping," says Tuscaloosa firefighter Joshua Bechtel. Each kit comes with three masks, to fit anything from large dogs, to cats and even small puppies.Parker says he believes they’re one of only a few departments in the state to have this pet saving technology.
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