Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DC Fire Safety Week Gets A Wag'N Boost With Pet Oxygen Masks

October 7 marks the start of National Fire Safety Week! DC Fire Chief Denis Rubin marked the launch at Gallaudet University in Washington DC! What a terrific event! Safety reminders for humans and pet safety gear for our furry pals.
It all started with a wag! Chief Rubin introduced  Ms De Pablo from Wag'N Enterprises, LLC and the crew of fantastic supporters that donated the 11 pet oxygen mask kits to the department. To include The Big Bad Woof DC Store, Dogma Bakery from Arlington and NoVA Dog magazine.

The DC Fire Department applied to the Wag'N Fellowship Fund  September 7. In less than a month Wag'N was able to raise the funds through charity dog washes, in-store donations, NoVA Dog magazine subscriptions and local business pledges. Altogether we donated 11 kits (with leash). Expect to see EMS supervisors on scene of every major residential fires. The four DC K9 teams will also each have a kit. The DC Fire Department is now Wag'N It! So are DC pets!

The premise of the National Fire Safety Week is to remind everyone the importance of having functional smoke detectors in all rooms! It takes only a few second for a fire to develop enough smoke to alert the device and allow tenants to get out. Call the fire department AFTER you have gotten out! The demo also touched up on installing sprinklers. How was the demo? See for yourself!

The Alarm Sounds.
Roughly 20 seconds from time fire is ignited.

  Smoke engulfs the room.
Smoke is heavier than air & will accumulate closer to the ground (where pets are).
You should be out by now!
See that smoke? Its full of chemicals and debris that you and your pet can inhale!
Get OUT! Get OUT! Get OUT!

Flames engulf the room. Only a few seconds before...

...All puppy hell breaks loose! That room is gone.
When you work out your evacuation plan include your pets!
No living being wants to be in that inferno!
Watch Full Video Here Below


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