Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why Civilians Order Pet Oxygen Masks

"Civilians" were using pet oxygen masks first. Well veterinarians are considered civilians in the Wag'N Dictionary. The masks were originally developed for use by veterinarians in veterinary clinics. It took a couple of years for them to evolve into rescue tools for first responders across the country.

So other than veterinarians and first responders, what kind of "civilian" would find use in this nifty equipment?

- Breeders who want to make sure "Mama" Dog and her pups can get appropriate oxygen levels following the birth.

- Pet parents whose pet has been diagnosed with respiratory distress and/or cardio pulmonary diseases. Normally oxygen passes readily from the lungs into the bloodstream and is pumped by the heart to all parts of the body. When lung disease occurs, oxygen may not be able to pass as readily into the bloodstream. When the heart is diseased, it may not be able to pump as much oxygen-carrying blood.

In other cases veterinarians will recommend providing supplemental oxygen therapy to help the pet recover from a trauma, following a surgery, following chemotherapy, etc.

Just want to remind readers that "supplemental oxygen therapy" can be administered in 4 ways:
- Face Mask (pet oxygen mask),
- Nasal Oxygen,
- Oxygen Cage,
- Intratraceal oxygen
Ask your vet if pet oxygen masks are right for your pet.

As a civilian you WILL NEED a Prescription.
Most pet oxygen mask suppliers only supply the masks and oxygen tubes. Not the tank.
Wag'N ONLY provides the masks and oxygen tubes.

Pet oxygen masks are simple to use, fairly inexpensive, and readily available.
The downside is that the pet patient must be attended at all times. Some pets don't like the masks.

How do I go about ordering oxygen once my physician prescribes it?

Your veterinarian may recommend an oxygen supplier to you, or you may look in the yellow pages under "Oxygen." When selecting an oxygen supplier, consider the following:

* Will the company deliver and install the equipment?
* What is the company's delivery policy?
* A flow meter and a regulator are attached to the tank to adjust the oxygen flow. Make sure its included in your first order. Inquire if there is an additional cost.
* Provided the prescribed flow rate, how much oxygen will you need daily weekly, etc? Based on that, how many tanks should you order?
* How long does it take to get a refill from order date?
* Are they open 24/7?
* When do they deliver?
* What kind of customer support does the company offer?
* Does the company provide information on the use and cleaning of the equipment?


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